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The Spectacular Vision of Oskar Dunkelblick by Hattie Holden Edmonds
Genre: Fiction
Source: RedDoor Publishing

About The Book

Lemony Snicket meets His Dark Materials in this unforgettable YA crossover novel.
Oskar is the ultimate outsider. He's been living on the Berlin streets since he was 13. To perk himself up, he paints the misery of mankind and has become the enfant terrible of the Berlin art scene.
But one day during a not-so-routine eye test he tries on a pair of glasses which blow his bleak world view to bits and give him a glimpse of heaven. Shortly after, to Oskar's fury, he begins to see the beauty of the world around him, to feel a connection to others and, most frightening of all, to fall in love. Will it be an easy ride? Hell no.

My Thoughts
This had been an artistic tale, showing us how the world could change totally with a different perspective, that's what our main character Oskar will discover. He is an artist, and as I am sure you already know they are quite eccentric, he is too direct and prefer not to have a personal contact with other people; everything will change when he will try a new set of glasses, his view of the world will change completely; making him to  realise that life can be better if you want.
While I was reading this book it felt like a tale, where the past and the present mixed up in this curious story, Oskar, is not the nicest character, but you can understand his manners and rude actions. But let me say that his change puts some light on this story, Oskar needs some happiness even if it's only temporary.
If you are searching for an original and sweet read this is for you, don't expect the typical story, because this is not it, but it will leave you a smile on your face, so what more do you need?

About The Author

Hattie Holden Edmonds has held down a variety of jobs ranging from junior assistant on Separates in Clements department store, to hat maker and music hack on a German pop magazine. She was the in-house writer at Comic Relief for three years, working on projects with amongst others, Richard Curtis, Sacha Baron Cohen and Armando Iannucci. 
She also runs a part time and very rickety cinema from a fisherman's shack in Whitstable, she loves a good swim, and dreams of being able to knock out a decent three course meal.
She writes a weekly Huffington Post blog on all things bookish.
She lives in London, not far from Kensal Green cemetery.

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