The Good, The Bad & The Rugby by Mark Farrer - Blog Tour + Giveaway

The Good, The Bad & The Rugby by Mark Farrer
Genre: Mystery
Source: Damppebbles

About The Book

Getting to the truth. By trial… and error error.
Cullen is on jury duty, and the sleepy Scottish town of Melrose is experiencing a rare crime wave: the famous Rugby Sevens trophy is stolen, a dead body is unearthed, there is a spate of petty arson, and someone drives a van into Gloria’s front room.
Why? And what is her husband doing every night up on Eildon hill?
In this hilarious crime romp, misguided loyalties, thwarted love, and unbelievable gullibility reach crisis point on the
one day in the year when the world pays a visit to Melrose.
At the final whistle, Cullen will ensure that justice is done.
Because sometimes twelve good men just isn’t enough.

My Thoughts
If you have a bad day or need some humour in your life, please start reading this book, there's humour in every page and an interesting story to enjoy in your grey days.
This is not just only a story but is full of little other ones that will kept you entertained and laughing out loud for all the book! Even if the story is quite strange, the characters felt real in their own way and made the story compelling and addictive since the first page.
This is the third book of the Cullen series, but the relations of the characters are well explained, so you can read it as standalone, I loved so much this story that don't doubt I will search for the previous ones!
This is a story not to take serious but to enjoy a dark and humorous mystery, ready for The Good, The Bad & The Rugby?

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Good luck!

About The Author

I worked in IT for 30 years… but I’m much better now.

My books are multi-stranded storylines involving larger-than-life characters, whose plans and incompetence inevitably exceed their wits. Each involves an off-beat loner called Cullen who lives off the grid in the Scottish Borders and gets accidentally drawn into someone’s schemes, only for his own (very personal) sense of right and wrong to be offended. That’s generally when things start to go wronger.
My first book, Where Seagulls Dare, involves the machinations of a Russian oligarch to take over the Scottish salmon-farming industry, an ardent eco-protestor with his own agenda, and a blonde bombshell from Hollywood looking to recharge her career via a stint in Glasgow panto.
The second, A Fistful of Collars, brings together the Church of Scotland, the fashion industry, a textile mill in the Scottish Borders, a professional footballer with addiction issues, and an IT worker who fancies a future as a famous hitman.

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