Her Name Was Rose by Claire Allan

Her Name Was Rose by Claire Allan
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

About the Book

When Emily lets a stranger step out in front of her, she never imagines that split second will change her life. But after Emily watches a car plough into the young mother – killing her instantly – she finds herself unable to move on. And then she makes a decision she can never take back.
Because Rose had everything Emily had ever dreamed of. A beautiful, loving family, a great job and a stunning home. And now Rose’s husband misses his wife, and their son needs a mother. Why couldn’t Emily fill that space?
But as Emily is about to discover, no one’s life is perfect … and not everything is as it seems.

My Thoughts
This had been a surprising read, with an original starting, the book attracts you to a web full of lies and surprises that will leave you with a good taste after reading it. Ready?
This will be a twisted story, because you don't feel connected with the main character Emily, she is one of those people that think that deserve more without trying to change, that's why when an accident happens in front of her she will start becoming obsessed with the victim, Rose.
Rose seems to have the perfect life; but as I am sure you know, perfect doesn't exist, so Emily will try to refill the space that Rose has left in her life, no matter at which cost. During the process she will not only discover Rose's secrets and problems but starting to discover herself and her own faults. She needs a change in her life, but maybe this one will be too drastic...
This had been a slow paced story, but full of surprises and emotional situations, and making the reader to never know who to really trust. Sometimes reading a book makes you change the point of view of your life, your values and your relation with your loved ones, this had been a great read and a way to make us remember that we are the only ones that we have the power to change the course of our lives, only us.
Ready to discover who really was Rose?

About the Author
Claire Allan is an Irish author who has previously written women’s fiction. A former journalist, this is her first psychological thriller.

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