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Due East, Beasts & Campfire by Erin Johnson
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes

About The Book

A hostile town. A mountaintop mission. Will their magic save the day or spoil the pudding?
Imogen thought escaping the king's wrath would give her everything she wanted. But her relationship with Prince Hank is tougher than an overcooked flan and the welcome they get on Badlands Island is far less than friendly. Accused of kidnapping, Imogen proposes they prove their worth by traveling through a deadly forest to retrieve a magical herb at the top of a mountain…
Forced to take her baking skills on the road, Imogen and her friends must navigate monsters, secrets, and a possible traitor. And the little matter of the impending typhoon is seriously compressing their timeline…
With the storm and creatures closing in, can Imogen complete the quest or will her next meal be her last?
Due East, Beasts & Campfire Feasts in the seventh book in the Spells & Caramels series of paranormal cozy mysteries. If you like amateur witch sleuths, unbreakable friendships, and fascinating magical creatures, then you'll love Erin Johnson's page-turning adventure.

My Thoughts
Reading one of the Imogen and her friends adventures is always a pleasure, even if they will risk their lives again trying to find a kidnapped captain in the famous Badlands! 
This had been a great story, much darker than the previous ones; full of action, humour and monsters this will be the delight of any fan of the Imogen series, but in this book there will be no magic! We will meet new characters and it feels like our favourite ones have been left behind, because in this story we will travel through the famous mirror to the Badlands, and not all of our characters will be involved in the story, but I hope we will meet them again in the next book.
Imogen and Hank will have some problems in their relation, let me say that lately I am not quite sure if I like Hank, maybe he is too posh for my taste? Or he is not ready to be in a serious relation...
I will not talk about the infamous brother Horace, because as always seems to create problems to make Imogen react to the way he wants, he should start talking instead of risking their life every time!
This is not a standalone book, really start since the beginning of the series, is it worth the read!
Ready to travel to the infamous Badlands?

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About The Author

Erin Johnson is a native of Tempe, Arizona, Erin spends her time crafting mysterious, magical, romance-filled stories that’ll hopefully make you laugh. In between, she’s traveling, napping with her dogs, eating with her friends and family, and teaching Pilates (to allow her to eat more).

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