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Before I Find You by Ali Knight
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Source: Hodder & Stoughton
Rating: 4'5/5

About The Book
Maggie is a husband watcher. A snooper, a marriage doctor, a killer of happy-ever-afters. She runs her own private detective agency specialising in catching out those who cheat. And she's very good at it. Until Helene walks through her door.
Helene is a husband catcher. A beautiful wife, a doting stepmother, a dazzling presence at parties. She counts herself lucky to have married one of the most eligible men in town - Gabe Moreau. Until she sees something that threatens her little family of three.
Alice is a perfect daughter. Apple of her father's eye, a kind stepchild to Helene, a tragic daughter of a dead mother. She lives a sheltered but happy life. Until she finds a handwritten note on her father's desk: 'You owe me. I'm not going away.'
All three women suspect Gabe Moreau of keeping secrets and telling lies. But not one of them suspects that the truth could result in murder . . .

My Thoughts
"Before I find you, I make the clients pay the big bucks"
This had been a witty read, three women that will see their lives change because of a man; the wife, the detective and the daughter... their lives will change forever, because she will find the truth, don't doubt it.
This had been an addictive and twisted read, I had finished it within 3 hours, this is how invested I was to the story, really I couldn't put it down. Because not only the three main characters are interesting and full of secrets, even with all of their faults they will get under your skin, and you will need to know more, discover the truth even if you will risk your life on the process.
Maggie is a good detective, she has her own secrets but loves her work, you could say that she doesn't have feelings, but it is not true, she likes to make her job, no matter what consequences their findings could have on your life.
Helene, she suspects that her husband could have an affair, but she doesn't have any proof and that's why she will hire Maggie. She needs to know the truth, she has invested too much in her marriage to loose everything she has for an affair.
Alice, the proud daughter that venerates her father, she lost her mother when she was a toddler and she can not believe that her father could keep a secret from her and destroy all her life again.
I was delighted with the small pearls that Helene and Maggie will share with us during the story, with their experience in life and love, but sometimes it feels like their lives could had been happier or less sad. But let's face it, they both are great women ready to fight for what's more important in their life, and maybe that's the most significant part of the book, no matter which reason do you fight for, you have to fight for what's important for you, but try not to kill anyone in the process!
While some parts of the story were not totally surprising, after reading so many books, there are some things that you can get with the clues given during the story, but don't be fooled by this, the ending is twisted and original, you will be surprised, I can assure you.

About The Author
Ali Knight is the author of psychological thrillers Wink Murder, named by the Independent as 'One of their best commercial reads of 2011,' The First Cut, 'One of the top ten crime books to take on holiday,' according to the Telegraph and Until Death, 'Pacey and disquieting,' said the Sunday Mirror. Her latest book, The Silent Ones, is out in paperback on January 28th. 
Before writing books, Ali worked as a sub-editor and journalist on several national newspapers, including the Guardian and the Observer and she also set up websites for the Daily Mail and the Evening Standard. 
She grew up in Bedford with an American father and an English mother and lives in London with her family and a psychotic cat. She loves reading, writing, playing tennis and eating pasta. 

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