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Murder in the Museum by Karen Shughart
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes

About The Book
Early one gray November morning, retired Lighthouse Cove, NY police chief, Edmund DeCleryk, finds Emily Bradford's body on the beach at the base of the bluff where the local museum and historical society stands. At the same time, a break-in has been reported at the museum, and Emily's coat and purse are found hanging on a peg in the museum's gift shop where she worked. Was her death the result of a burglary gone bad or something more sinister? 
When the police chief is called out of town for a family emergency, he hires Ed, now working as a criminal consultant, to assist deputy police chief, Carrie Ramos, with the murder investigation. After several leads don't pan out, the chief, now back in Lighthouse Cove, decides to close the case. Confident that with more time the murder can be solved, Ed is determined to continue investigating on his own, with encouragement from his wife, Annie, the museum's executive director. 
One morning while in the basement of the museum, the couple discovers a copy of a map dated 1785, and Ed's instinct's tell him it may be connected to Emily's death. On a hunch, he and Annie travel to Toronto, Canada, where he learns of the original map and a manuscript written in 1847 that were unearthed during an archaeological dig. The manuscript contains information about a ship that capsized during a fierce storm on Lake Ontario - in 1785. Now Ed has clues as to why the murder occurred, but he still doesn't know who committed the crime. Or does he? 

My Thoughts
This had been a quick read, mainly because I couldn't stop passing pages to discover what had really happened in this mystery and with the charming characters in it!
Since the first page you feel connected with the police chief, Edmund DeCleryk, he just wants some relax in his life, but it seems that he will be investigating for a long time (or I hope so!). And while we are reading we will be charmed by him and his wife, both make the perfect cute couple that no one will be able to stop when they want to discover the truth! 
While we read this story, we are being transported to a nice village near a lake, where not only there are nice views but a unstoppable detective and a twisted mystery! Because the murder/burglary seems to have a connection with an antique mysterious map...  What could have it hidden, a sunken ship, a pirate treasure, a murder? You'll have to read the mystery to discover the truth!
Ready for a mystery at the museum?

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About The Author
Karen Shughart has worked professionally as a journalist, writer, editor, publicist and non-profit executive. Her passions include her family, cooking, gardening, writing, photography, walking, and learning new things. Karen's first novel, Murder in the Museum : An Edmund DeCleryk Mystery (Cozy Cat Press, April 2018) is the first in a series that takes place in Lighthouse Cove, NY on the southern shores of Lake Ontario. It is available in all Amazon formats. In addition, she is the author of two non-fiction books: The Pennsylvania Bed and Breakfast Guide and Cookbook; and Creating Special Events, from Dollars to Dessert.

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