Hero Organizer

When you search for some type of decoration for you house, do you search for something useful or something pretty?

I normally try to search for something that has both characteristics,  maybe is a little more expensive, but normally is worth the price. That's why today I want to share with you these astonishing organizer,  the Hero Organizer, which not only is something funny and colorful but something to keep your house tidy with style!

"The HERO ORGANIZER is an accessible piece of art for the home that will most definitely elevate the interior and infuse it with a playful character. Available in a number of colors, the object can even be customized."

The organizer is handmade with eco-plaster and coated with non-toxic paint. So is something greener to help the planet! Now, you just have to choose which head do you prefer! ;)

This is another Kickstarter project, but you have to admit that it is a great project! ;)

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