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Guess My Name With Veggies And Fruits by Liana Strat
Genre: Picture Book
Source: Authoright

About The Book
Help your little ones learn about fruits and vegetables with this delightful illustrated children's book, written by childcare expert Liana Strat.
These friendly faces will make new foods fun and engaging for young children.

My Thoughts
It is not always easy to find a colourful book with interesting facts on it for the children to like it.
I was quite surprised with the variety of fruits and vegetables that were described inside the book, some of them are almost always forgotten on the children's books, specially the ones most hated... like broccoli or beans. But maybe thanks to this book these vegetables will no longer be something unknown but something fun and green to eat!
Let me say that it had been funny showing a picture of the vegetable/fruit while the child is eating and making them to relate the description with the vegetable/fruit. It had been so much fun teaching my little one new words, adjectives and colours while we were reading this book!
I would highly recommend this book for any parents that are starting to teach their little ones new things because learning is never boring if you have the right instruments to do so!

About The Author
Liana Strat is a Nanny with a Degree in Environment Protection, currently living and working in London. Originally from Romania, she moved to United Kingdom following a career in Childcare, after realising her passion for children. Inspired by the multitude of experiences encountered in this field and with a strong desire to give parents an extra tool for a good food education, she followed the path of writing.

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