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The Tainted Vintage by Clare Blanchard
Genre: Mystery, Crime
Source: Damppebles
Rating: 4'5/5

About The Book
In the small Czech town of Vinice the mayor has been found dead in his wine cellar.
Detectives Jana Dvorska and Ivan Dambersky are called to the scene and soon realise that despite appearances, Mayor Slansky’s death was most definitely not from natural causes.
Almost immediately, the close-knit community closes ranks to try and brush the unexplained death under the carpet with the minimum of fuss.
Dvorska & Dambersky are drawn deeper and deeper into secrets that many hoped would remain
buried forever and they’re forced into pursuing an investigation where their own lives are put in danger.
The Tainted Vintage is the first book in a wonderful new series set in and around The Czech Republic, an area rich in history, literature and culture that still remains largely unexplored by contemporary crime fiction fans.

My Thoughts
This had been a surprising read; complex, difficult and full of twists. I have to admit I was expecting a light read, with some police procedure and a political murder, but no, this book has some deep roots on the Second War, family loyalties and lies, be prepared for an addictive read.
Is a quite interesting book, slow paced but with a quite brave detectives that even when everyone thinks the case they are investigating is closed, they are not scared to discover the truth.
Let me say that I liked very much the two detectives of the case, Dvorska and Dambersky, in the beginning you don't know if they like each other or simply tolerate their working relation, but as we follow the story, we start to respect them and fear for their life, because someone is ready to kill again to keep the investigation closed.
I would not want to make any spoiler of the real story behind the murder, but it has surprised me the complex and real-based of the story, because even I really hope is total fiction, it could had happened, and I can totally understand the killer, even if I always prefer to follow the laws instead of taking revenge.
This is a book to read, but not simply reading it, but to think about it, and try prevent (as much as we can) that never happens again to anyone. Please talk about it, think about it and search about it, this is fiction, but some parts of the book are real based, I am sure, and is so sad that this can happen to anyone ever!
I loved this book, and I can't wait to read the next chapter, I hope the wait it will not be long!

About The Author
Originally from the North Yorkshire coast in England, Clare Blanchard spent half her lifetime in the Czech Republic, where her books are mainly set. Inspired by Nordic noir, where the settings are often like another character in the plot, she writes crime mysteries and other fiction, usually with a historical twist. She loves beautiful landscapes and architecture, cross-country skiing, the wine of South Moravia, and of course Czech beer. When she’s not being literary she knits funky socks.

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