Robert the Plantpot by Estudio Floga

I am sure you already know all the benefits that has if you have plants at home; it reduces the carbon dioxide levels, it increases the humidity, it reduces some pollution, and it cleans the air, of course!
But, having plants at home doesn't mean you have to use the same old boring plantpot that you can find in any supermarket, you can start using Robert by Studio Floga, I am sure he will love to take care of your plant and accompany you in the boring moments!
Robert is made with resin and calcite marble and a small pot of mud; and of course you have to clean him with care, but if you can have him holding your beautiful plants the exchange is worth the price, don't you think?
There are a few different Robert designs, but you will see that all of them are really charming, which is your favourite?

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