Read Harder, A Reading Log by Book Riot and Piet Aukeman

Do you have any way to track the books you've read?
I used to have a computer program where I put all the books I read with their covers and my thoughts about them, the only problem was that I never had time to search for the cover, isbn... and in the end I left it...

Today I want to share with you the original book Read Harder, A Reading Log by Book Riot and Piet Aukeman that the publisher Abrams sent me to enjoy and share with you, a big thanks to them!
So, what makes me think I will use the Read Harder, A Reading Log?

Firstly it has challenges inside the book to make you read something different you are used to, I have to admit I mainly read crime/mystery/thriller so it will be interesting changing my book reads from time to time.

Secondly, it has a nice and structured way to make you eager to keep track of your reads. With a big space for notes or quotes you like of the book, a space to punctuate it and something that I liked very much, it asks you if it has influenced you. Some books make me think or discuss what it talks, so this will be a great way to write my thoughts!

And thirdly and the most important, this book is so cute that it will be impossible not to start writing on it!

I loved that in the end it has a chart for all the year to keep on date all the books you've read during the 12 months... so sadly I'll have to wait till the first of January to start it!
I loved this book and I already have a few friends in mind that will love it as a Christmas present!
Ready to have your own book of reviews?

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