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Pull & Pray by Angel Luis Colón
Genre: Fiction
Source: Damppebbles

About The Book
An estranged family member! A score to end all scores! Continued gastrointestinal issues! Five years after surviving the most harrowing heist of her life, Fantine Park is lured back to the United States by her aunt. The bait: a lead on the identity of her mother’s killer and a score known as the ‘pension plan’, a piece of software that can literally pay out in perpetuity if they can get their hands on it in time.
Working with a team of actual professionals with their own motivations; Fan’s loyalties and beliefs will be tested as nothing is as it seems; especially when one of the members of this crew may have been the last person to see her mother alive.
It’s going to be lies, murder, and gas station hot dogs all the way down as Fan races to get the answers about the day her mother died and maybe, just maybe, the kind of cash that will pull her away from a continued life of crime.

My Thoughts
Fantine Park will have a family reunion with her estranged aunt Matty, but everything will not be as she planned and she will be involved in a search for the truth about her mother's death and a hit to have money for a long time...
This had been a quite complex story; full of lies, half trues and a lot of secrets... Fan had not had an easy life, her aunt Matty is not a sweet pea and love has never been a part of their relation, so trust is not something they share. When Fan discovers that she has a cousin following their steps she is less convinced to do the job. Of course things will get really bad before it will get better, the problem is, will Fan remain till the end to have her life solved forever and have the answers she needs?
The story was a little bit difficult to follow in the beginning, they use some strong words and some of the things they plan could be sensible... but you have to keep in mind that this is a dangerous group of people that are planning a "job" to have enough money for life without having to work... so not very legal.
I liked the story, Fan is not a character easy to love, but you can understand her motivations and she is leal to her thoughts and family (even if she sometimes hates it!). Her relation with Matty will not be easy, but in the end blood is more strong than anything, am I right?
If you are searching for a quick read, with some deep trouble and family lies, this one is for you!
Ready to be rich?

About The Author
Angel Luis Colón is a Derringer and Anthony Award shortlisted author. His published works include the titles: PULL & PRAY, NO HAPPY ENDINGS, the BLACKY JAGUAR series of novellas, the short story anthology; MEAT CITY ON FIRE (AND OTHER ASSORTED DEBACLES), and the upcoming HELL CHOSE ME (2019). 
His short fiction has appeared in multiple web and print publications including Thuglit, Literary Orphans, and Great Jones Street. He also hosts the podcast, the bastard title.

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