Harry Potter in Primark!

When I see Harry Potter's merchandising I never have enough strenght in me to leave with my hands empty! So, when today I saw so many Harry Potter items in Primark, I couldn't resist to buy a few of them...

I am sure that if you are a fan you already know the famous Candy Slugs, and they are as yummy as you can imagine!

The Bertie Dots are my favourite ones of this haul, be prepared for some weird flavours...

The Chocolate Frog was a little disappointing, it was totally broken, so I couldn't see it jumping from the bag! But the wizard card inside was great!

My last purchase was the wand, you know that there's no wizard without a wand, so I had to have one! I thought it was a chocolate wand but it was a pen!

I have to admit I really enjoyed spending 30 minutes in Primark deciding which of all the Harry Potter things I would buy! ;)

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