Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts x Lego

As you may remember from last week's post, I am a little bit a fan of Harry Potter movies (and books, of course!) so when I saw the new Lego limited edition figures based on the Fantastic Beasts movie, I couldn't resist to buy one sachet and discover what was inside!

Let me say there were so many interesting characters inside that I didn't know which one was my favourite... because the Harry Potter with the invisible cloak is really amazing!

But, of course you never get what you wish, take a look at which character I got...

Inside the bag there was the character (formed by the head, the hair, a body and legs), two wands (my little one already lost one!), the flag (formed by two parts) and a little black support to stick our character.

So, yes, I have Dean Thomas! Here is a little biography of this character...

Dean Thomas
Having been raised as a Muggle before discovering his magical heritage, Dean Thomas is still new to the Wizarding World and has a lot to learn about it – including the differences between the rules of Quidditch™ and football. Dean is a Gryffindor™ student in the same year as Harry and proves himself to be a valuable member of Dumbledore’s Army.

So, tell me, which character would you love to find in these new and fantastic sachets?

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