Freedom of Speech

Today I want to talk about what I think is the "Freedom of Speech", because I think is something that has a blurred definition...
This is the definition you can find at Wikipedia:

"Right to express one's ideas and opinions freely through speech, writing, and other forms of communication but without deliberately causing harm to others' character and/or reputation by false or misleading statements"

For me, this is the real meaning, the right to say what you think without trying to harm anyone. The problem is where are the limits? Because, when you say something negative; do you still have the right of expression or then you have to be quiet because you are hurting someone or something else?
I am sure you are just wondering what is my end game with today's blog. Mainly because it seems that in my "loved" country,  in Spain, they have decided to start a trial against a comedian because he said "I shit on God" in a public place. And I really can not understand the situation, is like entering in a surrealist world where everything feels wrong, I am not sure if I explain myself.
"Me cago en Dios" (I shit on God) is a quite often used to express anguish and frustration over something we don't like. And if you search it online, all the dictionaries have their translation and similar ways to express the same. So my question would be, why is he going to trial if this is a sentence often used for everyone that lives in Spain? Sadly I can not have a good answer for this, it only reminds me how they are returning to a dictatorship; step by step, all the freedom is starting to be banished and forbidden, while there are singers in prison because they sang against the monarchy but there are rapists in freedom because a rape is not an assault... 
Please, can someone explain me why there's no country in Europe saying anything? The rights in Spain are being violated day after day by the police, jury and politics and no one, really, no one says anything or do anything. Till when? When will another country stand up? Will they stand up if Spain starts a civil war? Because there are military people that are wanting it for years, and Catalonia's crisis simply has made things to move more quickly and the hatred more touchable than ever.
Do you know that in Spain there are still streets and squares in memory of the civil war dictatorship? A mausoleum and a public organisation in his name? And when the actual Government planned to remove the remains of Francisco Franco (the dictator) there were long cues, hours, to say goodbye? Really, do you think this is normal? 

This post, maybe written in Spain would mean that I should had my accounts cancelled and a call from the police, again, do you think is this normal? Is this or is not Freedom of Speech?