Alice In Wonderland by Novelteas

This blog has been delayed for a few months, not because the product was not delicious but because first I was ill, then I was on holidays and lately I had so many books to post that I didn't have any free day to share with you this amazing tea, the Novelteas!
I discovered the Novelteas thanks to Kickstarter (I am sure you already know that I always search for new products to back there...) and I couldn't resist to back their products to try this tea and have one of their beautiful tins.

When I first saw the tin, I totally fall in love with it, is so cute and the illustrations are so detailed that I couldn't resist to open it to discover what was inside...

I was quite delighted to discover a bookmark, some stickers, a pack of Anne of Green Tea Grables (I didn't expect this!) and of course the tea I ordered, the Alice in Wonderland!

When I tried the tea, I couldn't believe how delicious it was! You could really taste all the flavours in it, is like a sweet delicious pastry that you can not stop drinking. Really, if you are looking for a tea, you should take a look at all the variants of Novelteas, they have flavours to tempt the most opposed tea drinker!

Here is a closer look at the tea, I wish I could share with you the smell, is delicious!

I can't wait till they release a new batch of teas! ;)

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