Airless Pen

Ok, I am still deciding if the Airless Pen is something genius or a bad joke!

The Airless Pen has two important qualities that make it different from the pens we are used to. First of all it doesn't have a cap, it is created with an internal and retractable silicone cap that prevents airflow into the pen, so the ink never runs dry. This specialized “sealed tube technology” creates a small vacuum where the water-based ink is preserved. And second, it has a disappearing ink on them, meaning that after 4 or 8 hours everything you write with them will disappear, totally!

This is one of those Kickstarter campaigns I always love to back, but I have to say that this time I am more intrigued to discover if the product is really useful than back it! For now it has the campaign already full and they still have 44 days more to upgrade or add more things to it, and let me say I can't wait to discover what more they will add!

What do you think, this is an original product or something totally weird?

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