A Stay At Home Mum!

For the ones that know me or have been following my blog, you know that I have a little son, he is not so little any more... (I suppose he will be my little one forever!, but these are famous mums words, am I right?) I've been staying with him at home since he was born, childcare here in Ireland is not cheap (or public, sadly) but I didn't mind staying at home with him playing and watching him growing up, I am a proud mum, let me say the truth! :)
The thing is, after he started at the crèche (nursery school) some people started asking what I'll do now with my life. First of all, he has only started 2 weeks ago, and he has been with high fever too, so let's say the truth, I haven't been as much as "free" as you could think and he is only going to the crèche from 2pm to 6pm so, this doesn't leave me with a lot of time to do things. But it seems that right after asking me if I'll return to work, people also ask me if I'll have another baby, because it seems that with only one child in my life is not enough, I have to had 2 at least to leave everyone happy deciding with my life! Really?? 
I suppose I am not the only mum having the same problem, now that I have 4 hours for me, because all morning I stay with my son and at 6pm I am always there to pick him up after the crèche, everyone decides I have to return to work. Can I have some peaceful time to decide what I want to do with my life? I want to keep my blog updated and running, because I feel like I left it there for the last year and a half, without taking really care of what I am posting or sharing. And have some time to read all the amazing books the publishers send me to read and share my reviews with you? Yes, blogging is not something that maintains me, but I love it, it allows me to enjoy reading, discovering new things and meet new people that I wouldn't have any other way!
So this leads to the famous second question, when will you go for the next one? For now, never! It had been difficult enough for us living far from our family to help us and with my mum passing away when he was 4 months it was not easy at all. We travel a lot, we have travelling plans for the next 4 months at least, so do you really think that after starting to have a little life we would start searching for another one? No way! Really, for all of the noisy people that always ask the couples when will they be searching for the next one, adopt a mascot, we are happy as we are, stop deciding for other people what they have to do with their life, please!
I will leave you now, I have to play with my little one! ;)

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