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The Bridesmaid Blues by Tracey Sinclair
Genre: Chic Lit
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5

About The Book
Luce knows she should be thrilled when Jenna asks her to be bridesmaid – after all, they’ve known each other since childhood and Jenna is the best friend any girl could have. But it’s hard to get excited about weddings when you’re terminally single and the best man is the boy who broke your heart: Jamie, the groom’s dashing and irresistible brother. How can she face the man who dumped her when she’s still so hopelessly in love? Then again, maybe this is the perfect opportunity – after all, where better to get back together than at a wedding? 
So Luce has six months to figure out how to win back her ex, but she has plenty else on her plate – from an old friend returned to Newcastle with an announcement of her own, to a youthful colleague who may or may not have a crush on her and a mother who is acting very strangely indeed… and that’s all before a mysterious, handsome American walks into her life. 
Sometimes being a bridesmaid isn’t all confetti and champagne…

My Thoughts
This is a chic lit story, but full of contradictions and a low self-esteem; with Luce as the main character, a sweet woman that will make you want to laugh and hug her on every page. Because being a bridesmaid doesn't have to mean you have to have a partner, simply to love the bride and the groom, and enjoy the day, of course!
Let me say this had been a quick read, since I started I couldn't put it down; the freshness of the plot and the sweetness and complexes that Luce had, made me want to know how the story ended; with a broken heart or a warm heart. And I have to admit that being based in Newcastle made the story more touching to me, made me remember the beauty of the city and how I miss living there!
The story starts when Luce's best friend, Jena, asks her to be her bridesmaid, but at the same time,  remembering her that her ex-boyfriend will be on the wedding too (being the best man, no less...). So Luce's goal for the next 6 months will be finding a handsome guy to make her ex-boyfriend want to return with her! As you can imagine, the ex-boyfriend is not really worth the pain or the sacrifice, he just wants to party... but I am sure you know too that love is blind and Luce will have to discover by herself if he is worth the sacrifice.
What I liked less about the story is Jena, the future bride, I am not sure if she really cares for Luce, there are some things that she says and do that a good friend doesn't say, and the think that she lies to her to "protect her" is my favourite excuse either... It seems more than she simply wants to control Luce than being a good friend.
Be prepared for a heart warming story where love is in every corner, because, who could have a Bridesmaids Blues when your best friend is getting married?

About The Author
Tracey Sinclair is a freelance writer and editor. Her first novel and collection of short stories (Doll and No Love Is This, respectively) were published by independent publisher Kennedy & Boyd. Other books include the romantic comedy Bridesmaid Blues and the paranormal series Dark Dates/The Cassandra Bick Chronicles.
Her work has appeared in magazines as diverse as Sky, Printer’s Devil, Yours and Woman’s Weekly, as well as having been performed on the radio and included in a number of anthologies. Her first play, Bystanders, was premiered as part of the New Writing Season at Baron’s Court Theatre and has been performed at both the White Bear Theatre and the Tristan Bates (both in London). With Zoe Cunningham and Peta Lily she co-wrote Cunningham's one-woman show 'An Evening with Dark Dates' which was performed at the Tristan Bates and in the Brighton Fringe.
She also a regular contributor to a number of legal and business magazines, as well as to theatre website Exeunt and the magazine The Stage.

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