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Somewhere Between the Silences by Lydia Kelly
Genre: Mystery
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About The Book
Somewhere Between the Silences is a short, sharp psychological thriller, revealing the sinister truth of what lengths one man will go to, to keep his secrets silenced. Katy Young was a radiant and out-going young woman in the prime of her life, longing for a new adventure with the man she loved. That was until Katy was involved in a hair-raising accident which caused seemingly irreversible damage to her memory; it now falls upon her adoring husband to revive those absent aspects of her past. To look at, Ryan Young is a stereotypical man in his thirties, works hard and clearly dotes upon his wife and their only son, Aaron. But, beneath the surface lurks a monster, capable of unimaginable destruction. Katy is well aware she does not exist in a regular marriage but how much of her past life has her husband repressed to keep control of his wife? Recommended for 18+ due to mature themes and sexual content.

My Thoughts
This had been a quick but interesting read; full of twists, suspense and surprising characters.
A twisty marriage, with a lot of secrets half truths and abuse... not a book for soft readers.
Katy Young will have an accident that will make change her point of view of her "perfect" life... because her husband has secrets, a lot of secrets... but the memories that had returned will keep her safe or put her life in danger?
While the book was addictive and surprising what left me on the edge was the end, because there will be a sequel of this book... and I can't wait to read it!
I don't want to make any spoilers, is a short book so you will read it quite quickly and is worth it, enjoy! ;)

About The Author
Born and raised in Buckinghamshire, favourite book since I was 11 is Pride and Prejudice. Loved to write even as a child.Moved to Tenerife in 2014, came back to England in 2015 and gave birth to my beautiful son in February 2016.
Diagnosed with depression and anxiety in 2017, writing allows an enormous release, almost like slowly combing knots from your hair. Writing gives me a chance to express experiences that perhaps are too challenging to discuss outside of fiction.
Studying for a degree in English Literature, The Arts Past and Present, Spanish and Law, and work in a secondary school, mainly supporting children with special educational needs. Will get out of bed even if it’s 3am just to make notes of potential plots or character profiles.

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