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Sipped by C.T. Collier
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes

About The Book
After a rough semester, Professor Lyssa Pennington just wants to post her grades and join her husband, Kyle, in Cornwall for Christmas. First, though, she’s expected to host an elegant dinner for Emile Duval, the soon-to-be Chair of Languages at Tompkins College. 
Too bad no one told Lyssa murder is on the menu. And, by the way, Emile Duval is an imposter. 
Who is he really? And who wanted him dead? Without those answers, the Penningtons can kiss Christmas in Cornwall goodbye.

My Thoughts
I know exactly what type of rivalries exist working in a University, but I never thought it could lead to murder... When the department chair appears to be killed at his home, every member in his department is looked closely but Professor Lyssa Pennington can't resist to start investigating and asking questions... will she discover the truth?
This had been an interesting mystery, full of layers of lies and half trues. 
It was quite interesting the inside view of the AA meetings and how they try to help each others in their worst moments or to confront their fears. I think they do an amazing job, I don't think it has to be easy asking for help, but they are always there when someone needs to talk or help. 
I didn't like much how in the book they represent the homosexuality, I would like to think that no one should be ashamed for their love live, everyone has the right to decide who to love and no one should make you feel ashamed of it.
This is third book of the The Penningtons Investigate series, but you can read it as standalone.
Ready for a murder?

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About The Author
C. T. Collier grew up in Seneca Falls, NY, left the area for college and jobs, but always wanted to return to the Finger Lakes. Today she lives in a beautiful small city on one of the prettiest of the Finger Lakes, not unlike fictional Tompkins Falls on lovely Chestnut Lake. Most days you’ll find her writing in her tiny office looking out on a woods populated with fox, deer, wild turkeys, and songbirds. In her career as a tech-savvy college professor she has been endlessly fascinated with campus intrigue. Entirely fictional, Tompkins College is no college and every college.

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