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North Sea Rising by R.M. Cartmel
Genre: Mystery
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About The Book
The year is 2039.
The setting is the British Isles – but not the British Isles as we know them today.
The brutal economic impact of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU, together with the ever-accelerating effects of global warming have led to a very different environment indeed, in almost every way. Politics, geography and technology are all in flux.
But some things remain the same – greed, murder, conspiracy and corruption among them. When Stephanie Flack, licensed private eye in the Royal Province of Anglia, is asked to track down some missing diamonds, she soon finds the trail leading her into some very unexpected and highly dangerous places, with dead bodies appearing with alarming regularity. Including, very nearly, her own.

My Thoughts
Before I tell you anything about the book, let me say that I loved the first page of the story, it is a UK and Ireland map, where you can see that there are some parts of the islands that had become new countries, like Scotland! This gives me a little hope for Catalonia, if in a dystopian world, R.M. Cartmel (the author) thinks that Scotland can become a country, maybe in the future Catalonia could be one too? (Everyone has their own dreams, am I right?)
Ok, let's talk about the book, it is based in a dystopian world, in 2039, where Brexit has already happened, but there are a few comments about it, of course... I will not enter in the discussion of leaving the UE, if Brexit had won, I suppose some people voted in favour, even if anyone I have talked to is against it.
While we enter to the story, we discover that Stephanie Flack, a private investigator, is looking for some stolen diamonds, the client is searching for her "stolen diamonds" and want to know what has really happened to them. Of course everything will start getting interesting when the first body appears and the investigation starts getting dangerous, be prepared for an interesting case!
This is the second book of the series "North Sea Noir" but you can read it as standalone.
If you are searching for a murder case with doses of reality and based on the Brexit, this is for you! ;)

About The Author
Following a highly successful career as a GP, RM Cartmel returned to his first love and took up writing again.
Well-known for his wine and crime series set in France, The Inspector Truchaud Mysteries, he also has a second, rather more offbeat series of North Sea Noir, which can be read as stand alone but connected novels, set in Peterborough. North Sea Rising is the second of these.

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