New Blog Header! by SCCL Designs

I am back!
Yes, after a few weeks without any posts I am back with the energy totally recharged!
And I think the first of all I have to do is show you the new (and first!) blog header of my blog...

Do you like it? I love it and I have to thank this pretty design to Stephanie from SCCL Designs. She created what I was looking for without any trouble and with a lot of patience; because even if in the beginning I thought I didn't know what I was looking for, I was a little demanding and Stephanie had the patience not to complain and make this beautiful header for me, so thanks Stephanie for this!
If you are searching for a Blog Header, a Twitter cover, a YouTube banner or an Instagram Story template you should take a look at her designs, they are simple, chic and modern; and she is lovely!

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