Miniature Mascot by Kenelephant

I love the Japanese Gachapon machines, they always have some pretty and silly things in it, of course on my last trip I couldn't resist to buy one of these pretty and mysterious capsules...

As a stationery addict like I am, the best one I could find was the Miniature Mascot by Kenelephant where you could have any retro piece of stationery inside perfect to hang everywhere!

I was really happy to find inside a retro pencil sharpener, so cute and original! And let me say I was so happy to find this collection that it didn't matter which "toy" I would find inside, all of them were pretty good!

Have you ever bought any capsule toy in your life? I had always been attracted to this type of machines, but I always found inside silly toys without anything interesting on them. The only problem is that in Japan they have so many original and funny things inside I always have to buy a few of them to play and discover! ;)

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