First day at the Nursery School

Today was the first day at the nursery school for my little one, I am sure that if you have a little one you know what it means, a bittersweet moment; your little one is growing up!
I have to admit I never thought I would feel this way, I had spend 2 years and a half with my little one 24 hours/7 days a week, so I was really needing a little bit of space and free time to return to my hobbies and my routines after so much time, and of course it was time for my little one to discover new people, new ways to play and learn. But at the same time, it was a sad moment, he is growing up, we will not be as much needed as before and there will be more people in his life and for sure more interesting that his boring parents! 
When this afternoon I was walking to the nursery I was feeling sad and happy at the same time, I missed so much my mum, she would have loved to be on my side saying that is the way life goes and that I shouldn't be worried or sad because everything would be ok.
In the end it hadn't been quite ok if you want the truth, when we arrived he didn't want to enter or leave my arms... and the moment we had to leave he made a scene crying and shouting because he didn't want to leave! 
So, I think he had a great time, even if I still have my heart a little broken for this big step we made today, as my mum would said, is the way life goes by...

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