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Love Me, Love Me Not by Katherine Debona
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: HQ Digital

About The Book
Today isn't the first time I've thought about killing my best friend, but it is the first time I've done something about it.
Since they were teenagers, Jane and Elle had been inseparable.
Until the day that Elle stole the love of Jane's life.
Now everything has changed. Jane wants him back, and with a little help from her horticultural obsession, she may just have found the perfect solution…
A psychological suspense novel that you will not be able to put down. Perfect for fans of Louise Jensen and Clare Boyd.

My Thoughts
Could a friendship turn into something bitter and dark? You'll have to decide by yourself with this original and twisty thriller.
We have two friends Jane and Elle, one with a"perfect" life and the other with a less bright one... So when Jane decides to use the love for plants to do something about it, it is when things start going a little south... 
This book treats a very interesting theme, which is the difference between real friendship and an envious and poisoned friendship? Because both of them from the outside can seem the same, even you can trick your friend for years with it, but the truth as you may know could be dangerous...! 
This is not the first book that I've read about a poisoned friendship, but it was interesting reading Jane's thoughts and arguments when she thinks she has to believe that what she is feeling and doing is normal and reasonable. But let me say, even if she thinks she has a "reason" to do what she want to do, I think she needs a little help...!
Of course everything will start with a man, Patrick, Jane's ex-partner, and Elle's actual husband... It seems that they never read about the "non spoken rule in friendship, never date the same man", but jokes a part, I didn't like much Patrick's character, it seems that he is playing with them.
I loved the botanical parts of the story, it is always good to learn new things, even if they are dangerous sometimes, you never know when you will need them... ;)
Be prepared for a story with poisons, envies and dangerous thoughts!
Ready to be loved or not?

About The Author
Story-teller, dreamer, kung-fu panda, Star Wars geek, mother, keeper of secrets.
"The Girl in the Shadows" available on Amazon and Book 2 "Love Me, Love Me Not"

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