Happy Holidays For Me!

I know that for the last month I've not been quite regular on my posts. Even if I have stayed days without posting anything, I've tried to fulfil my blog tours, but nothing more, I am sorry.
I've been not feeling quite well, first with an infection and then with some pain... after a few tests, it seems that with simply an anti-inflammatory pill, I should had improved since the first day, silly me that I didn't want to take pills without knowing which one would help me!
I am leaving for holidays today, for the next two weeks and a half my blog will not be updated, I have a lot of blog tours programmed already for August, September and October, so I really need some holidays to charge batteries and get a fresh start, I think this year more than ever.
I am not closing the blog, I really love to share with you the books I am lucky to read and review or the amazing artists I discover searching online, but for the next two weeks I will totally disconnect from the blog and if I can from the internet too, I think I am too addicted to social networks and I need some quality time with my family.
See you in August! ;)

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