Airships, Crypts & Chocolate Chips by Erin Johnson - Blog Tour + Giveaway!

Airships, Crypts & Chocolate Chips by Erin Johnson
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

About The Book
A bewitched prison. A brother with a deadly request. Can a magical baker launch a jailbreak and still keep her prince in the process?
Imogen’s magical bakery is thriving and she loves the company of the Water Kingdom’s dashing prince. But she’s not so enamored with the time she’s forced to spend with his awful Royal Family. She also can't help but worry that the increased media scrutiny could reveal her secret contact with the Royal Family’s sworn enemy: her own brother.
When her sibling shows up and demands Imogen spring his cronies out of jail, she flat out refuses. But when he threatens to hurt the ones she loves the most, she balances her allegiance to the prince with her plan for a covert prison break. Can Imogen keep up family appearances and avoid betraying the kingdom or will her pie-in-the-sky scheme become a recipe for disaster?
Airships, Crypts & Chocolate Chips is the sixth standalone book in a clever paranormal cozy mystery series

My Thoughts
A new adventure of Imogen and her friends at the Water Kingdom bakery, of course it has magic, romance and some mystery that our loved friends will have to solve.
In this new book, Imogen and her friends will have to enter in a prison, of course Imogen's brother will have the fault of the prison break and much more, but we will not enter in details, it will be revealing too much... Without doubt, be prepared for quite a few surprises during the entering.
I have to admit I've read all the books of this series and every book I read it gets more interesting and intriguing, the characters are quite different and original but together they make a cute group full of charm and magic, I am sure that if you try to read one of them you'll get addicted like me.
In this book we will discover a little more of the Royalty family, being the relation between Hank and Imogen public they will have more time together, but she will have to "enjoy" the hospitality of the kings, and let me say that they are not very charming... Thanks to this, we will know more about Hank's childhood and his powers, so let me say that is a win-win!
I still haven't decided which opinion do I have about Horace (Imogen's brother), is he really vill or simply he doesn't know how to tell Imogen that he loves her? Although he always tries to put Imogen and her friends in danger, he always does something to surprise her... of course revealing another layer of the armour that protects his heart, the only question is... does he really have a heart or it's simply a cold stone?
This had been a quick read, as always with the Spells and Caramels series, but it was a good read and let me admit I can't wait to read the next adventure after the surprising ending...

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About The Author
A native of Tempe, Arizona, Erin spends her time crafting mysterious, magical, romance-filled stories that’ll hopefully make you laugh. 
In between, she’s traveling, napping with her dogs, eating with her friends and family, and teaching Pilates (to allow her to eat more).

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