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To Die In Vienna by Kevin Wignall
Genre: Action Thriller
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 5/5

Description Of The Book
He’s seen something that could get him killed. But what?
Freddie Makin is a spy for hire. For a year he’s been watching Jiang Cheng, an academic whose life seems suspiciously normal. To Freddie it’s just a job: he never asks who’s paying him and why—until the day someone is sent to kill him, and suddenly the watcher becomes the watched.
On the run from whoever wants him dead, Freddie knows he must have seen something incriminating. The only trouble is, he has no idea what. Is the CIA behind all this—or does it go higher than that? Have his trackers uncovered his own murky past?
As he’s forced into a lethal dance across Vienna, Freddie knows one thing for sure: his only hope for survival is keeping the truth from the other side, and making sure the secrets from his past stay hidden.
Soon to be a major motion picture starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

My Thoughts
Dying in Vienna is not included on the Freddie Makin plans after spending a year watching a Chinese scientist, but his boss thinks otherwise, he had seen too much and his life is worthless...
In this thriller full of action and secret spies, Freddie will play the cat and the mouse with the mysterious man/woman that wants him dead, while he is trying to decipher what he had seen that had put his life in danger...
Let me say that Kevin Wignall has done an incredible job with this book; it is addictive, suspenseful, with humour doses and human, I loved it!
You may be asking what made this book different, it was not the typical spy book, the spy was not really a spy, yes, he had a dangerous job, but he never thought it would be dangerous or that he will have to run for his life. The most important part is that he doesn't want to kill or knows killing movements, he simply has luck (or bad luck, depending on your perspective) and is ready to fight for his life (or run, if you prefer...). He even is ready to use some pink fluffy handcuffs to retain one of the bad men to stay alife and didn't have to hurt him, be prepared for a hero with a heart and a past, someone to trust.
Ready for a dangerous trip through Vienna?

About The Author
Kevin Wignall is a British writer, born in Brussels in 1967. He spent many years as an army child in different parts of Europe, and went on to study politics and international relations at Lancaster University. He became a full-time writer after the publication of his first book, People Die (2001). His other novels are Among the Dead (2002); Who Is Conrad Hirst? (2007), shortlisted for the Edgar Award and the Barry Award; and Dark Flag (2010). The Hunter’s Prayer was originally titled For the Dogs in the USA. The film The Hunter’s Prayer, directed by Jonathan Mostow and starring Sam Worthington and Odeya Rush, will be released worldwide in 2015.

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