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The Optimist by Sophie Kipner
Genre: Chic-Lit
Source: Random Things Tours 
Rating: 4/5

Description Of The Book
Meet Tabitha Gray, a delusional girl from Topanga, California, who redefines what it means to be a truly hopeless romantic. Tabby suffers from an aggressive strain of cock-eyed optimism – no amount of failure, embarrassment or humiliation can dent her fierce belief that real, true, lasting love is just around the corner.
Where most people think, fantasise and dream, Tabby says, feels and does. Whether waiting in her lingerie for Harrison Ford to open the door of his hotel room; following Al Pacino around a Russian bathhouse; seeking passion with a blind man on the advice of a wise old woman with dementia; or sending intimate photos to a random sexter with an apparently charming dick, Tabby refuses to be crushed by her many misadventures.
In this warmly witty debut novel, Sophie Kipner takes a satirical look at the extremity of romantic desperation, and pays tribute to the deep human need to keep on heroically searching for love despite our many absurdities.

My Thoughts

"'Your mom?' he added. 'She's a lion.'
It all sounded like more of a bedtime story that what was usually read to me, so when I went to bed that night, I thought about what the prophet lion Rainbow San had told me. I realized we were part of a pride. I realized that it as okay if sheep don't like me because, heck, are sheep ever going to like lions? No. Lions don't care what sheep think because they are lions. Being a lion means taking risks, making things happen. Lioness don't wait for lions to show interest. They sprint and they leap and they pounce onto other lions because they're confident and sexy and powerful. That's how we fall in love."

This had been a witty, refreshing and optimist read; Tabitha Gray will make you change the way you see your life forever!
Since I started reading "The Optimist" I felt that it was a different book, Sophie Kipner has created an astonishing character; Tabitha, she wants to find love since she was a child... and thanks to her "optimism" she will be in the most awkward and embarrassing situations possible, but let me say that they are hilarious! I envy a little how Tabitha acts, impulsive but always the truth comes first, maybe we should learn a little about her way to see life and remember that magic could exist.
We will read Tabitha's story mixing her present and memories she has from the past, with her mother and sister... Every chapter is a little story that has a connection with Tabitha's search for love, and the truth is that she just wants to be loved, even if she doesn't make the more "normal" things, she is human and wants someone that loves her the way she is... 
You will have to read the book if you want to know what happens to Tabitha, but let me say that it will be a hilarious trip, that I am sure that will want you to have a little bit of Tabitha inside you, a little bit of optimism in life is always good! ;)
Ready to see life always with a smile?

About The Author
Visual artist and author Sophie Kipner grew up in Topanga, CA. A graduate of the University of Southern California, she writes and illustrates her own stories, which have appeared in Kugelmass: A Journal of Literary Humor, Amy Ephron’s One for the Table, FORTH Magazine and The Big Jewel, and her artwork, most recently her series of blind contour portraits, DONTLIFTUPDONTLOOKDOWN, has been shown and sold internationally. She lives in Los Angeles, and The Optimist is her first novel.

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