The Kawaii Tarot

I've always been fascinated by the Tarot cards... Do you know how to read the cards or to throw them?

Let me admit that a I've always wanted to learn but at the same time I am scared to discover what it could mean to really believe in the powers of fate... This doesn't mean I don't keep looking for beautiful cards or places to learn about the cards and how to read them. So, when I find this original Kawaii Tarot I couldn't resist to share it with you, is cute and serious at the same time, take a look...

The Lovers card is as much as a card about choice as it is about love. It means you have come across, or will come across, something you know is meant for you—whether a person or passion. The question is, will you diverge off your current path to follow this love? Remember when making your choice that love brings it own hardships.

Strength is about honoring and mastering animal nature through warmth and gentleness. Do not try to cage the wild, run from it, or try to kill it. Embrace it… because although what you fear may seem unruly and uncontrollable, that is precisely what makes it truly powerless. Bring your passion to heel and help each other be strong.

The Hanged Man, finding a small window between the spiritual and material, reaches enlightment. Although this state is temporary, it changes him forever. This card can represent a feeling of seeing the world as upside-down and of finding peace in being able to not take it too seriously. If you get this card in a reading, suspend your judgement (and sense of time) to try out different perspectives. 

The Knight of Pentacles, unlike the other knights, is not a card of brash action. Because the pentacles (coins) are a symbol of the day-to-day things in your life such as bills and family, this knight symbolizes patient virtue. The Knight of Pentacles may represent a young adult, a dependable person about to enter your life.

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