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The Heat is On by Helen Bridgett
Genre: Chic-Lit
Source: Love Books Group
Rating: 4/5

About The Book
'And have you booked in your vejazzler?'
'My what?'
'You can't roll up with your grey wire wool when he's expecting rhinestone!'

Angie Shepherd is back and this time she means business!
Life is perfect for Angie Shepherd. Her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur have come true, business is booming, and her best friend Patty is back in town. So when the opportunity of investing in a luxury hotel comes up, it seems like a no-brainer. It's all going swimmingly until a rival travel agency opens up across the street. Before long, The Mercury Travel Club is undercut, double-crossed and in deep trouble. It's time for Angie to up the stakes. But with costs mounting up, sales going down, and her personal life suddenly in freefall, can Angie and her friends weather the storm?
Witty and charming in equal measure, this feel-good novel shows that when the going gets tough, the tough definitely get going.

My Thoughts
Angie Shepherd's life seems to be on track again; she and her friends run a travel agency, her best friend has returned home and she has a handsome man on her side... Of course life is not always easy, so when a new travel agency opens competing directly with them and the owner doesn't seem to like fair play will make Angie's life start wobbling. But let me tell you a secret, you better don't underestimate Angie and her friends, they will fight till the end!
This had been a really funny read, full of hilarious situations, sparkling cocktails and adventures, let me say that I hope I'll see more of Angie and friends adventures soon! Even if this is the second book of the series Mercury Travel Club, you can read it as standalone, but let me say that this group of friends are so charming and funny that you want to start since the beginning!
This was a light read, but what makes it so charming and interesting is that it was not only centred on only one character, but on Angie and her gang. They are friends, but sometimes they act more like brothers and sisters than only friends. They are a really funny group, making the reader to enjoy and laugh with their situations and adventures, but at the same time feeling real and being part of the group too. Let me say that who I loved most is Patty, Angie's best friend, she is the queen of the party, always. But she is lovely, a creative mind that can't never be quiet and to Angie is more a sister than a friend, I think everyone would love a friend like Patty.
Be prepared for an adventure full of humour, love and friends! Ready?

About The Author
Helen Bridgett was born in the North-East and now lives in Manchester having stopped off at a few places in between. Following a career in Marketing, Helen took an MA in TV and Radio Scriptwriting and created short films before writing her first novel. She loves nothing more than a glass of wine and witty banter with friends; her love of dialogue feeds into her work and has given her the perfect excuse to eavesdrop on conversations. Helen lives with her husband and their chocolate Labrador, Angus; all three can often be found wandering the Cumbrian hills or in country pubs.

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