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Rubicon by Ian Patrick
Genre: Crime Thriller
Source: Damppebbles
Rating: 4/5

This had been a quite interesting book, full of twists and a fresh view of the typical detective cases.
On one side we have an undercover officer (that seems to be corrupted) and a very strict detective that loves to follow the rules and report any little irregularity. Both worlds will crash when they will have to work together... Of course their agendas are not the same... So be prepared for an interesting crime thriller! 
I liked this book because it was not only based on catching the crime lord, but how Sam works undercover and his secret plans. The story was told like the reader is part of the action, vivid and full of details.
I was absorbed by the plot since the first page, it was astonishing how the main character, Sam Batford, works; his ambivalism way to act, he has everyone fooled!
Be prepared for a surprising read.
Ready to enter to Sam's world?

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