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Island Life Sentence by Carrie Jo Howe
Genre: Fiction Humour
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5

Peg Savage loves her husband Clark, so she lets herself convinced that living in a remote island and leaving all of her life behind will be a good idea... She just wants to make her marriage happier and stronger, sadly this will be far from reality, she will have to face solitude and a hurricane... Ready for a life sentence?

'"I'll see you in the afterlife." She kissed his forehead. "Ummm, actually, I don't want to worry you, but I'll more than likely be in hell... since I'm personally responsible for the hurricane. And you know Sister Gabriel and the Catholic Church are not going to go easy on that."
Nipper blinked.
A thunderous WHAM shook the wall - a barrage of debris thrashed the house mercilessly. Gasping, Peg wet her lips with her dry tongue.
"I mean, honestly, how different can it be from here?"'

I know what it is leaving your comfort place and change it for a strange place without anyone known or anything you like, it would seem a beautiful place, a beautiful prison...
This had been a funny read, of how life could surprise you in the worst ways but if you fight for your beliefs (and your life) you could resurface again, stronger and braver. Peg will not only have to face her worst fears on this book (let me say that she has some quite weird fears) but also to survive a hurricane, easy said that done!
The story is told by Peg, but her best friend Trudy is always with her, the conscience voice that Peg really needs to face the prison she is living in. Lucky for Peg, Nipper, her cute dog is always on Peg's side too, no matter what happens! And of course we have the fantastic husband, I can't say anything good about him...
While reading the story, sometimes I felt sad for Peg, she left everything she cared behind to make her husband happy, and when they arrived at the "beautiful" island he left for a job to Cuba (a long, long job...). And Peg, instead of getting angry with his delay and excuses, accepts his messages without complaining... is she too mad in love or too naïve?
This had been a fresh read, perfect for a good laugh sitting on the sun while reading the disastrous life of Peg...
Ready to move to an island?

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