Deep Fear by Rachel Lynch - Blog Tour

Today I would like to show you the new book of the series DI Kelly Porter by the author Rachel Lynch! Let me say that the books sounds really interesting, take a look...

Deep Fear by Rachel Lynch
Genre: Crime
Source: Canelo

DI Kelly Porter is back. But will this new case push her beyond her limits?
On a peaceful summer's morning in the Lake District, a woman's body is discovered outside
a church. She's been murdered and a brutal, symbolic act performed on her corpse. DI Kelly
Porter is in charge of the team investigating the crime, and is determined to bring the killer to justice. But as more deaths occur it is clear this is the work of a disturbed, dangerous and determined individual. Can Kelly put the puzzle pieces together before the danger comes closer to home?
Don't miss this gripping crime thriller featuring an unforgettable detective. Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Patricia Gibney and Robert Bryndza.

You have to admit that sounds a great read, but if you need proof, here's an extract to make you want to read it right now, enjoy! ;)

Brandy Carter was bored.
Bick snored next to her and she looked at her watch: ten p.m. She went to the fridge and took another beer; she needed to get all the freebies she could while Bick was asleep. She was mad with him and he owed her anyway. They said they’d be easy on her. Bastards: they thought it was funny, at first.
He must have felt guilty because he’d given her two wraps plus twenty quid. The money was in her purse. The corner shop would still be open, and she was out of fags. Maybe there’d be some kids playing on the street still, despite the hour. The light nights always gave them leeway with their stupid parents, who only started to pretend to care when something went wrong.
She remembered when her and Bick made a boy strip and then ran off with his clothes; that had been cool. But, now she couldn’t rouse Bick from his pissed slumber, and the others had gone. It looked as though she’d have to go out on her own.
She felt unsteady on her feet. And she was sore. They’d said sorry in the end and they’d shared beers. She’d even laughed. But she wasn’t laughing now and, as she downed her beer, she felt the need to vomit, so she made her way to the bathroom.
She lifted the toilet lid and knelt down, steadying herself with her free hand. She wretched but nothing came so she put her fingers down her throat and she had more success, but it didn’t make her feel any better. She flushed and stood up, and she felt less shaky.
She didn’t expect it to be cold outside, and so left her jacket, grabbed her bag, and went to the door. The sky was turning dark, but the last of the sun made it dark purple and orange. Brandy’s vision was slightly blurred, so she didn’t stop to admire it. She was unaware that she was staggering. There was no-one about and she felt disappointed. She was in the mood to make someone feel pain, to assuage her own.
The park was empty, and the Rec, as far as she could see, was deserted.
She walked to the corner and entered the shop; a bell alerted the owner. An elderly man approached the counter and looked disapprovingly at the girl who'swayed.
‘Ztwenty Lam-bertnbudler,’ she slurred. Brandy squeezed one eye; the guy was shaking his head.
‘Give ‘em to me…’ Her voice was interrupted by hiccups and the man reached out to offer his assistance. Brandy recoiled. ‘Off me!’ She stumbled.
‘You’re drunk. Go home. Do your parents know you’re out? A young girl shouldn’t be out at this hour, on her own in the dark.’
Brandy went to retort, but she hiccupped instead.
‘Jesus,’ the man swore under his breath and figured the easiest way to get rid of her would be to sell her the goddamn cigarettes. Which he did. He shook his head; these kids threw their lives away. This one was probably no more than seventeen, judging by her size and face, but her eyes and teeth belonged to a corpse.
‘£7.49, please.’
Brandy handed over the twenty and received her change. She dropped some of the coins and the man went to help her.
‘Get yourself home, do you hear me? You need to get yourself to bed and take care of yourself.’
‘Get off me!’
She staggered backwards and the man held his hands up, away from her. He knew that he was wasting his time, and went back behind the counter, watching her stagger away. A few coins remained on the floor. When she’d gone, he went to the door and locked up, toying with the idea of whether to ring the police or not. He sighed.
Outside, Brandy opened the packet and took out a cigarette to light. She fumbled with the wrapping and tottered across the road to the Rec. She managed to get the lighter to her mouth without setting anything on fire and took a deep drag. It hit her bloodstream with a furious wave and she had to sit down. The cocktail of chemicals, mixed with the alcohol and the coke, made her want to vomit again. She’d be alright, if she could just stand up, she willed herself. She was sitting under a tree and she leant back on the trunk.
The sky was now totally dark. She needed to get up, but the grass was so comfortable. If she could just have a little rest… Nausea caught her off guard again and she took another deep drag on her cigarette, thinking that might help.
Before she could exhale, though, a great force wrapped around her and held something over her mouth. For a moment, she thought Bick had followed her and was helping her stand. Or perhaps it was one of the other boys: Monk or Tinny, wanting some more, out of the way of Bick’s charge. Fear gripped her as she struggled to breathe. Yes, it was Monk, she could feel his strength. She fought as
hard as she could, but her body went heavy and she couldn’t seem to coordinate herself. Maybe it was all three of them.
Brandy passed out.
When she came to, it took what felt like ages for her senses to sharpen. Her head banged, she was terribly cold, and it was dark. She was laying down, or that’s how it felt. Her arms sent messages to her confused brain that she couldn’t move them; more than that, she was restrained. Seconds passed and her body flooded with adrenaline as her endocrine system contemplated flight, but she couldn’t flee, she was tied down.
To a bed that wasn’t hers.
Or Bick’s.
Maybe it was Monk’s.
Now, she was fully awake.

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