Virtual Runner

Tomorrow is Bank Holiday here in Ireland, so I am sure we will go for a walk with my family, even if there's a little bit of sun maybe we will go to the beach and enjoy playing with the sand... (of course if is not raining as always...!).
So I thought it would be interesting to share with you this original campaign, if you want to take a walk, run or go with bicycle... Virtual Runner is a way to join in a race, but on your own... but you have to do it in one go! Original, don't you think?
There are a lot of races to join, some longer than others, of course! You have a limited time to do the km they ask, and of course you have to send a proof that you've done it! And they will send you a nice medal to prove that you've participated in the race!
You have to pay to join the race, but there's always a percentage of the price that goes to a charity and they send you a medal, and most important, they keep you healthy! So what are you waiting?
I joined the "Prosecco Made Me Do It" one, take a look at the funny medal!

And here are a couple I would love to join...

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