The Cliff House by Amanda Jennings - Blog Tour

The Cliff House by Amanda Jennings
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Harper Collins

This had been an atmospheric and delicious read that has transported me to the Cornish Coastline, with a bittersweet story that will be with me for a long time.
This is the second book I've read of Amanda Jennings and it hasn't disappointed me a little, with some real characters that make you feel part of the story and a sweet girl that will make you return to your teenage years (of course not everything will be good memories, but is the funny part of being a teenage...!)
Tamsyn thinks that the only way to feel his deceased father is by visiting the luxurious Cliff House, so she steals the keys of her mother (that works there as a cleaner) to admire and dream what it would be living in that type of luxury... Until one day she is confronted by Edie, the daughter of the Davenports (the owner family of the Cliff House) and they will start their friendship... 
Tamsyn will have what she was always envying: a taste of luxe, but everything comes with a price... Remember... Bad things happen in beautiful places...
This is a story of dreams, hopes, friendship and family; with a slow paced thriller, Amanda Jennings will delight you with a story that will hunt you till the last page.
Ready for a swim?

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