Taula - Català; Ara i Sempre

Today I decided to share with you the word Taula, because it has two important meanings, that if you don't live in Catalonia I am sure you never guessed!

Taula could it be a furniture... any guesses? It starts with a T too... Table; a piece of furniture consisting of a flat top supported on one or more legs. 
Or it could mean a family meal... I know it could sound weird, but when we have a meal, you don't say that the meal is ready to eat, you call them directly with "A Taula!", meaning "You can sit at the table, the meal is ready to eat".

Here are some quotes we use often with the word "Taula"

"A taula i al llit al primer crit!"
"At the table and the bed at the first shout!"

"A la taula d'en Bernat, qui no hi és, no hi és comptat." 
"At the Bernat's table, when someone is not there, is not counted" -  meaning that if you are not sitting on the table when the meal is ready, you loose your sit on the table.

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