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Southern Charm by Jocie McKade
Genre: Mystery
Source: Great Escapes

Be prepared not just for a really funny story, but for a book full of twists and mystery!
Emme Mayson and Jackie Dickson are twins, the only problem is that they discovered this when they were adults... So, they decided the best way to answer all the questions they have about their deceased parents and childhood is to open a PI agency and investigate.. but this will make them to be involved in the most curious of cases!
There are a lot of characters in this book, and in some points you get lost in the connections between the characters, but I suppose this was my fault, this is the third book of the series and I started it now!
This is one of those books that keep you glued from the first page till the last, it was really funny how the two sisters collide, they are so different, but is the funny part of the book! ;)
This will be a quite busy investigation; with bullets, the Russian mob and the FBI... and a little bit of love, of course!
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