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Scoop of the Year by Tom Claver
Genre: Fiction, Crime
Source: Bookollective

Martin is not the journalist you'll be looking if you want to uncover a big scandal... He has not the same way to see how you can progress in your work or life as other humans, he uses the principle of not working and expect to be promoted... No, in the beginning you will not love the main character of this story, but after a few pages, you start feeling sorry for him and hope that after so many wrongs maybe he will do something right!
The story is told in first person, like he is talking to the reader, making it more realistic and easy to follow, I would not say understand, because there are some actions that are totally absurd, even to give him a slap on the back...
We will have our attention divided between two sub-plots, one from a big pharmaceutical business that I am sure after reading all the millions they win, no one will be surprised that they don't work following the law. And on the other side of the story, there's a family business, because who will not contract a hitman to scare your own uncle because you think the legacy you father is planning is not fair? But, let me say that thanks to Jebb, the hitman, there are some hilarious situations that make my day! 
I will tell you the truth, this is not the typical story you are used to, the hero is more an anti-heroe that someone you'll search for a friend, but it is cynical, dark and a very good book, take a chance with Martin, you will love him in the end, I am sure.

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