Pel.lícula - Català; Ara i Sempre

I don't think I have showed you any word with the "doble l", we called it "ela geminada", and there is not a concrete rule, you must remember which words are written with it... sounds really funny, isn't it?
So let's talk about today's word... Pel.lícula... any idea?

Is something that goes great with popcorns... Now you know what it is, no? Pel.lícula is Movie; a motion-picture theater.
Today I'll share you a joke, I know is not really funny, but it was a joke we said a lot with my mum, so I had good memories with it.
"Ara que he après a dir pinícules, ara n'hi diuen flim!"
"Now that I learnt how to say movies (said incorrectly), now they called it film (also said incorrectly).

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