Lucy and Linh by Alice Pung - Blog Tour

Lucy and Linh by Alice Pung
Genre: Young Adult
Source: Legend Press

This is a sweet story told by the teen Lucy who had won the prestigious price to go to the private school Lucinda. Maybe it would seem a dream come true, but she doesn't know anyone of the school and she struggles everyday with the homework and new classmates that will not make her life easy...
We will read in first person how the school is for her thanks to the letters (and the diary she makes) to her friend Linh, from her "old life". But more than just a diary is a way to see her growing up, fight for her values and most important, respect.
I am not used to Young Adult books, but this one is a perfect read for any reader, young or old, because everyone should feel how difficult could it be changing school, friends and adapting to new friends... because we all know how stressful and hard is life when you are a teen, but sometimes is good to remember it if you have children...
Ready to return to your teens?

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