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Kid To Killer by Paul Elliott
Genre: Fiction
Source: Random Things Tours

This had been a paced read, compelling and addictive at the same time.
Our main character, Paul, just wants to fit somewhere, he is too rich for their own taste and he would gladly exchange the silver spoon for a plastic fork without a blink. But life as we know is never easy, so when he starts in the new school and his new friends are scared of the "zombies" of the neighbourhood, he just wants to help them... Sadly he is too naïve and confides in the wrong persons...
I believe in the law, but I also can understand the unsettling feeling that the police should be doing something more, not simply waiting that something worse will happen, but from this to being a Vigilante is a long path, that with the wrong friendship could end really bad...
This books makes the reader think about morality and justice, friendship and bullying... really a very interesting read, that let me say I can not wait to read the second part!
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