Jugar - Català; Ara i Sempre

Jugar is a word now that I am a mother I use really often and I do it everyday a lot of hours... Jugar...

Can you guess what it means? I will tell you something, any word in Catalan ending with a R is a verb, always! So Jugar is an action and is the same as... Play; exercise or activity for amusement or recreation. Do you have any favourite game you used to play when you were a child?
My little one loves to do puzzles, so we spend hours playing with pieces, small and big, to create some original characters, landscapes or words!
Here is a quite interesting song called Jo Vull Jugar (I Want To Play):

Jo Vull Jugar (I want to play)
Diuen que els nens i les nenes no podem pas decidir     They say that boys and girls can not decide
però si obriu bé les orelles us diré què em passa a mi.     but if you open your ears I will tell you                                                                what happens to me,
Cada dia vaig a escola no me'n vull pas escapar.     Every day I go to school and I don't want to                           escape.
Saber cada dia més és on jo vull anar a parar.      Want to know more every day is what I want to            go.
Jo vull jugar, jo vull jugar,     I want to play, I want to play,
jo vull jugar tot el dia sense parar!     I want to play all day along!

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