Jednay Roses

Although I am a nerd and love to try all the new products, I have to admit my favourite flowers are the classical roses; yes, and if they are red, better! ;)
This year, as the tradition dictated, my husband bought a rose for me on the 23rd of April, Sant Jordi, but this year it was a very special rose, one of the Jednay Roses.
I still don't know where I discovered this brand, but their roses stole my heart, full of colour and with a precious presentation they make you wish to own one of their roses.
My colourful rose came inside a cartoon tube...

It says that it will last for a year, the only things that you can't do is water it, keep from direct sun and maintain at room temperature. Easy steps to follow and a beautiful rose for a year, can you believe it?

I just had it for 2 weeks, but I really love my rose!

If you are curious, don't doubt to take a look at all their products, they are beautiful and the shipment (to all Europe) is really quickly!

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