GoSave, A Piggy Bank!

Technology is part of our life, not just for checking the email, but to read, do exercise or check our bank account. Our little ones, even when they are new born had a lot of technology in their new lives, it will depend on the parents the grade of technology our little ones have interaction, but there's no doubt that they are more prepared than us to use them. As you know, at least once a week I share with you one of the Kickstarter projects, normally is technology related, but not always... this time is quite an original product and I think is perfect for our children.

The GoSave is a piggy bank, but not the one we are used to, you can put money on it, of course, but is much more than that, is a way to teach our children to save and the value of the money.
I liked GoSave because apart from being a Piggy Bank, you can make chores to make your little one do in reward for money, something I am sure everyone did some time in their childhood, and the best way to teach our little ones that money doesn't grow on the trees but you have to earn it!
There are 3 characters to choose; the Unicorn, the Pig and the Astronaut...

GoSave comes with an application for your mobile to check all times the money and the rewards for your little ones, making it a perfect gift for Christmas or Birthday!

Is it recommended from 3 to 12 years, so you can guess what will by my little one 3 year Birthday present? ;)

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