Festiu - Català; Ara i Sempre

Ok, today's word is totally related with my life in Ireland... because is Festiu!

Any idea what could it mean? The clue is easy to connect even if the word doesn't have any similarity at all... because Festiu is the same as Bank Holiday; a weekday on which banks are closed, as for a legal holiday. 
A Bank Holiday in Catalonia normally means that everything is closed; banks, shops, GP, postal service... of course thanks to all the tourism now there are some Bank Holidays that the shops are open, but not any of the other services, only the hospitals!
I have to admit I was totally surprised the first Bank Holiday I was in UK, the shops opened later than normal, but they were open! And is nice to have always a Monday as a Bank Holiday, in Catalonia it could be any day of the week, even a weekend day, and then there's no relax at all!
So tell me, which is your favourite Bank Holiday?

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