Esmorzar - Català; Ara i Sempre

Esmorzar... I wanted to share with you this word last Monday, but I thought it would be more interesting share "festiu" because was Bank Holiday here. So even if today this word doesn't have any special meaning for us, is always great to learn new words, am I right?

Esmorzar... is the most important meal you had during the day... I am sure that with just this clue you guessed correctly what it means Esmorzar... Breakfast, the first meal of the day; morning meal.

If you are guessing, yes, we have a typical Catalan breakfast, and I think is as much as complete as the typical English one!
The typical Catalan breakfast consists with bread with tomato, cured ham and cheese and grilled meat, of course with some read wine to help you digest it!
But let me admit that it's been years since we eat this complete meal, our festive breakfast consist with a croissant and a "tallat" (expresso machiato).
Are you hungry after reading so much about food? ;)

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