Enamorat - Català; Ara i Sempre

Today I will share with you an adjective of a word I already showed you... Amor...

Do you remember what it means? Amor is Love... So is not really difficult to discover what it means Enamorat... In Love! ;)

But remember that in Catalan, we have the indication if it is a male/female added to the word, so in this case is a male, Enamorat (him). If I had written Enamorada, it would had mean her. I know it sounds quite weird and complicated, but it is not!

Here is a poem from "Un Cavaller Enamorat by Montse Ginesta"

El cavaller enamorat
(Montse Ginesta)
Sóc un cavaller de ferro,                   I am an iron knight,
de ferro,                    of iron,
coure i llautó,                    of copper and brass, 
però tinc el cor de nata,                    but I have a cream heart,
de nata, mèl i cotó,                    of cream, honey and cotton,
i avui et porto una rosa,                    and today I am giving you a rose,
una rosa                    a rose
i un petó!                    and a kiss!

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