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Drugs To Forget by Martin Granger
Genre: Mystery
Source: Love Books Group
Rating: 4/5

This is the story of Nathalie Thompson, a reporter that wants to do a documentary film about bioterrorism and Ebola, and will put in danger the life of all the country thanks to her questions... Ready?

"'So, if a bioterrorist could find a way of storing an inactive Ebola virus, they could carry it anywhere without being detected?'
Doctor Styne stepped away from the whiteboard. He wasn't used to such direct questioning. He had been asked to meet with this young film director to give advice on his speciality of virology. He had thought it would be for some sort of educational or pharmaceutical video. Now he was beginning to realise that this company was involved in something far more sinister and he wasn't sure that he should be here."

Microbiology has been always something I've been fascinated by, how can something so small could be so damaging and dangerous? How nature could have created something so devastating for humans and nature too? Of course in this story, we will be talking about the dangerous virus Ebola, but not the natural one, the one modified by humans... 
Nathalie and Tom (Nathalie new colleague) want to do a documentary film mixing terrorists, virus and the connection between the big pharmaceuticals... Maybe it would seem that there's no link between them, but after reading this book you'll be surprised on how a dangerous idea could mean the death of millions of people.
While I was reading the story I didn't totally understand Nathalie's character, sometimes it felt like she had ice on the blood and she just wanted the highlight... In other parts, she was regretful of her acts... like she didn't know what their beliefs were... On the other hand, Tom, that is the first time on this dangerous job, is ready to sacrifice his life for the program and to share with the world the truth.
This is not one of those books with a beautiful ending, it is too real to have a nice ending, because as you have read a few times on the newspapers spreading a dangerous illness in a big city is something some terrorists already have tried... But maybe instead of thinking of their attacks, we should think why they are doing it. I don't believe in killing, I am against weapons but some countries are really poor because some other are too rich, when will we start to make a change and give something to them?
This had been an interesting read, sometimes the technical part were a little boring, but it was necessary to put the reader in context and understand how the documentary was going.
Be prepared for a non-stop trip around the world, full of dangerous illnesses, terrorists and scientists... Would you kill for your beliefs?

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